Saturday, December 17, 2011

OMNI Medical Center Suggests You Pump Some Iron...Into Your Diet!

Did you know? The most common nutrient deficiency in the U.S. is (insert drum roll)... iron deficiency!

This is especially prevalent in women and sometimes in patients who are following a medical weight loss program or hCG diet.

With that in mind, here are 3 helpful ideas from OMNI Medical Center for getting some extra iron into your daily routine:

--Eat more iron-rich foods. That means adding more red meat, seafood, shellfish, and chicken to your diet (especially if you're on the OMNI Medical Center hCG program)!

--Try to cut back on foods/beverages that block your absorption of iron. This includes coffee, tea, milk, and soy protein.

--Add some iron supplements to your regimen. OMNI Medical Center has a great Ferronyl-C supplement. It's made with both iron and Vitamin C (Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron more efficiently).

For more nutritional ideas or to find our more about our medical weight loss program with prescription hCG visit our web site: .

Here's to healthier red blood cells!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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