Sunday, December 11, 2011

OMNI Medical Center says, "It's Okay to Be a (Weight) Loser!"

Losing weight around the holiday season can be tough, especially when you're following an hCG diet

So here are a few tips from OMNI Medical Center to help with your weight loss results!

1) When in doubt, opt for salad!
Salads are an excellent example of high nutrient density meals that help you shed those extra pounds on your medical weight loss diet. The vegetables in a garden salad have a high ratio of nutrition to calories. In other words, you get lots of nutrition for very few calories.
High nutrient density meals such as salad allow you to eat more, satisfy your appetite and stick to a healthy weight loss plan (especially the OMNI Medical Center medical weight loss program).

2. Get Your Health Benefits from Taking Antioxidants!

These are items you can find in your supermarket that can add important nutritional elements to your meals. For example, romaine and red leaf lettuce, spinach and arugula are all excellent sources of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nutrients, such as carotenoids and phenolics (Our OMNI Medical Center staff likes to find these at our local Fresh Market).
Eating more carotenoids could even make you better looking, according to the latest nutrition research!

3. Give yourself that instant nutrition boost your body is looking for!
The positive effects on your body start right away. For several hours after you a eat large bowl of fresh romaine lettuce, there is a significant increase in your blood of:
-Total antioxidant activity
-Vitamin C
-Quercetin (which is an important bioflavonoid)

These 3 tips can help boost your weight loss, and have you looking and feeling healthier in no time!
For more nutritional tips or info about our hCG weight loss program visit our web site: omnimedical

Have a heart-healthy holiday week!

--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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