Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shhhh! OMNI Medical Center 's Secrets to Staying at a Healthy Weight

Getting down to your goal weight while you're on an hCG diet can be easy, but keeping it off is the true challenge. 

So here are 4 secrets OMNI Medical Center is revealing to you... about how you can maintain your healthy weight once your medical weight loss program with us is complete!

A group of researchers started a database called the National Weight Control Registry, which tracked more than 5,000 people who have lost an average of 66 pounds and kept it off for more than five years -- without gastric bypass surgery. 
Here are the 4 'secrets' researchers found was key for these 5,000 people to keep off those excess pounds: 

1) Eat Breakfast! 78% of the people studied made time for their "most important meal of the day." Other research has shown that people who regularly skip breakfast are statistically 4.5 times more likely to be overweight, and people who eat breakfast tend to eat fewer calories all day. (But what if you don't have time to prepare something elaborate? That's okay, try a protein smoothie with OMNI Medical Center's whey protein powder!)

2) Weigh Yourself Regularly! 75% of the group studied weighed themselves at least once a week. Research shows that weekly weigh-ins can give you a sense of your body's usual pattern, and that's important because if you see a change from what's typical, you can make the connection about what's happening and address it right away (which is why we like all our patients to come into OMNI Medical Center once a week for a weigh-in...and a B-12 shot too!).

3) Turn off the tube! 62% of the subjects studied watched less than 10 hours of TV per week. In case you didn't know...we tend to burn fewer calories while watching TV than we do reading or even sleeping. And what's even worse...studies show that people eat between 30-70% more while watching TV.

4) Make Time for Some Exercise!  90% of this group exercised on average about one hour per day. That sounds like a lot, especially because the Centers for Disease Control reports that more than 60% of American adults are not regularly active. But that 60 minutes doesn't have to be all at once (so you can breathe a sigh of relief!)... It can be 15 minutes before work, 15 minutes carved out of your lunch break, and 30 minutes in the evening after dinner. And the even better news doesn't have to involve going to the gym. So what are you waiting for, get that heart rate up already!

For more healthy lifestyle tips or to find out about the medical weight loss program at OMNI Medical Center visit our web site:

Here's to bigger weight loss goals...and smaller waistlines!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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Monday, November 21, 2011

OMNI Medical Center Sheds Some Light...on Lighter Versions of Your Fall Faves

With the changing of the seasons, our palettes tend to change as well...and sometimes it seems that we yearn for foods that may not be the best for someone on a medical weight loss diet with hCG.

Well good news, dieters! Here are a few fun (and healthy!) ways to enjoy some of the most popular fall foods:

1) Hot Apple Cider-- Use a sugar-free instant cider mix instead of all the traditional ingredients. Add a cinnamon stick (and Stevia if necessary). You'll save yourself almost 100 calories, and will prevent yourself from downing all that excess sugar!

2) French Fries-- Try making your own fries at home instead. Slice up a sweet potato or a regular spud (and spray on some cooking spray to get the seasonings to 'stick' to the potatoes). Add sugar-free ingredients like cinnamon and Stevia to your sweet potatoes, or try sprinkling some Mrs. Dash's sodium-free seasoning on your savory potatoes. Bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Allow to cool, and enjoy!

3) Traditional Spaghetti-- How about using a spaghetti squash instead? Add grilled chicken, some fresh veggies, and a 'no sugar added' marinara sauce (and additional sodium-free seasonings if necessary). Don't forget the fresh basil and garlic...Your s'ghetti will taste just like the real stuff Mom used to make!

4) Apple Pie-- Make your own apple dessert that's just as good (our OMNI Medical Center wellness consultants say they like it better than apple pie). You'll need 4 small apples chopped into 8 wedges each, cooking spray, chopped nuts (like almonds or pecans), and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Mist an oven-safe dish with cooking spray. Add your apples and cinnamon. Toss well. Sprinkle with chopped nuts over the apples and cinnamon. Cover dish and bake for 30 minutes, until apples are tender.

It's healthy recipes like these that will help keep you on track during your weight loss program, without making you feel like you're missing out on any of your favorite foods!

For more nutritional food ideas or to learn about our hCG diet at OMNI Medical Center check out our web site: .

Here's to lighter versions of our favorite foods, and to digital scales in homes everywhere that reflect numbers of YOU being even lighter! 
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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Friday, November 18, 2011

"It's Gettin' Hot in Here!" OMNI Medical Center Heats Things Up on the hCG Diet

It's getting chilly out there, so why not heat things up a little?!

One great piece of nutritional information we'd like to share with you is that spicy foods can aid in your hCG weight loss program at OMNI Medical Center ! 
According to a recent article on a British fitness web site, spicy foods help burn fat because they temporarily increase your metabolic rate.

Some spices have even been found to raise your metabolic rate by as much as 50% for up to three hours after you consume the hot stuff on your plate!

The reason spices boost your metabolic rate is because they raise your body’s temperature (you will notice this yourself when eating spicy foods), which in turn raises your heart rate.

Spices are also believed to have thermogenic properties (which means they stimulate your body’s fat burning process).

You may have even noticed that cayenne, a red hot chili pepper, is found in many weight loss pills because it stimulates fat burning.

The overall result is that eating spicy foods can increase the amount of fat and calories you burn for a short (but beneficial) amount of time following consumption.

For more medical weight loss tips or information about our hCG diet program visit our web site at:

Here's to hot peppers and cool physiques!

--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holy Cow! OMNI Medical Center Found a Sweet Treat You Can Enjoy!

Here's some sweet news for all you dieters out there! 

We came across the coolest new Skinny Cow product...and it's so good, it could take the place of a Kit Kat (or your favorite candy bar) while you're on your medical weight loss diet.

It's called the Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Bar (in milk chocolate).

This terrific treat is only 110 calories, and 9 grams of sugar (but you can only have one, so don't get too crazy!).

So if you're looking for something fun to splurge on, give these bars a try...You can probably find them at your local grocery store (someone at OMNI Medical Center found ours at the drug store in the candy section).

For more helpful weight loss tips or to find out about medical weight loss with hCG at OMNI Medical Center, visit our web site:

Here's to guilty (but healthful) pleasures!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cut It Out! OMNI Medical Center 's List of 10 Carbs to Cut Out of Your Diet

Let's confess...foods high in carbohydrates can sometimes be the most difficult thing to cut out of our diets, especially when we are on a medical weight loss program.

At OMNI Medical Center we suggest you really limit your carb intake in order to get the best weight loss results possible. That's why we've come up with a list of 10 items for you to cut out of your vocabulary!

If you can do without these 10 foods for, say, 30 days (we like to be realistic), you should be well on your way to fitting back in those skinny jeans.

Here's the foods we suggest you "just say no" to:

1. Hash browns

2. Mashed potatoes

3. Lasagna

4. Spaghetti

5. Pancakes

6. Scalloped potatoes

7. Macaroni & cheese (this is definitely the most difficult one for us at OMNI!)

8. Pasta salad

9. Chips

10. Pizza

So after reading this list, pick your jaw up off the floor, and get to the store for some healthier foods to keep/cook at home. You'll be down to your goal weight in no time, we promise!

For more healthy food ideas or details about the OMNI Medical Center medical weight loss program check out our web site: .

Have a healthy week!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Go Ape...for Apricots with OMNI Medical Center 's New Dessert Recipe!

Have your (healthy) dessert...and eat it too!
When you're on a medical weight loss diet, it can be difficult sometimes to find creative ways to enjoy healthy foods...much less desserts!
Here's a great new recipe OMNI Medical Center found...They're grilled apricots and only about 150 calories per serving!
This recipe makes 4 servings, to don't go to crazy with the portions after you prepare them...

Here's What You'll Need:
-2 apricots or peaches, halved and pitted
-2 cups plain Greek-style yogurt ( OMNI Medical Center likes Fage Total 2%)
-4 Tbsp chopped toasted walnuts
-4 Tbsp maple syrup
(The easiest way to toast nuts is to roast them in a dry pan set over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring once or twice as they toast!)
Here's How to Make It:
-Heat a grill (or a stovetop grill pan since it's getting chilly out), or your broiler until hot. 

-Cook the fruits until nicely caramelized on the outside, which is about 5 minutes. They should be softened but still maintain their shape. 
-Top each fruit half with 1/4 cup yogurt, 1 tablespoon of walnuts, and 1/2 a tablespoon of maple syrup.
-Serve and enjoy (or save the leftovers for another time!).

For more nutritional recipes or to find out about the OMNI Medica Center medical weight loss program visit our web site at:

Here's to a treat that's more than "just desserts!"
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spare Some Your Eating Habits! OMNI Medical Center Tells You How

Unlike cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming your living room...eating healthfully doesn't have to be a chore!
In fact, small changes in your daily routine can mean huge results on your medical weight loss program.  
To give you a better idea, here's OMNI Medical Center 's Top 6 Ways to Change Your Eating Habits:

1. Never Skip Breakfast!
Yes, mornings are crazy. But they’re also our best hope at regaining our nutritional sanity. A 2005 study examined the impact of starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Here’s what they found: People who eat breakfast tend to have higher total calorie intakes throughout the day, but they also get significantly more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do (We always make sure we have high-fiber foods in the OMNI Medical Center break room for our staff to much on for breakfast). Breakfast eaters also tended to consume less soda and french fries and more fruits, vegetables, and milk. Additionally, breakfast eaters are approximately 30% less likely to be overweight or obese.

2. Snack With Purpose.
There’s a big difference between mindless munching and strategic snacking. Snacking with purpose means reinforcing good habits, keeping your metabolic rate high, and filling the gaps between meals with the nutrients your child’s body craves.
Chew on this piece of trivia: From 1977 to 1996, salty snack portions increased by a whopping 93 calories, and soft drink portions increased by 49 calories!
3. Beware of Portion Distortion
Snack portions aren’t the only things that have increased wildly in size. According to a nationwide Food Consumption Survey, since 1977 hamburgers have increased by 97 calories, french fries by 68 calories, and Mexican foods by 133 calories!
One easy way to short-circuit this growing trend? Buy smaller bowls and cups (OMNI Medical Center suggests you buy dishes made for child-size portions). Smaller dishes force you to nosh on...well, smaller portions!

4. Drink Responsibly
Too many of us keep in mind the old saying, “watch what you eat,” and we forget another serious threat to our health: we don’t watch what we drink. 
According to research from the University of North Carolina, Americans now slurp up nearly 25 percent of their calories in liquid form—nearly double the rate we used to drink just 20 years ago!
One important strategy (to keep you hydrated and help with your weight loss results) is to keep cold, filtered water in a pitcher in the fridge. You might even want to keep some cut-up limes, oranges, or lemons nearby to jazz up your H2O!
5. Eat More Whole Foods and Fewer 'Science Experiments!'
Here’s a rule of healthy eating that will serve you well when picking out foods for yourself (and your family too!): The shorter the ingredients list, the healthier the food. 
(One of the worst foods OMNI Medical Center has ever found is the Baskin-Robbins Heath Shake-- It has 73 ingredients—and, by the way, an astronomical 2,310 calories (yikes)!
6. Set the Table (Please and Thank You).
Research shows that families who eat together only once or twice per week are more than twice as likely to exhibit weight problems, compared with those who ate together three or four times per week. The OMNI Medical Center family tries to have lunch together at least twice a we can hold each other accountable, and of course, split meals in order to control our portions!

For more nutritional eating tips or to find out more about the OMNI Medical Center medical weight loss program, visit our web site:

Here's to sparing some change that makes....sense!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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