Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's Up "Doc?" Meet the Woman Who Claims She is Certified to Treat OMNI Medical Center Patients

For any former, existing, or prospective patients of OMNI Medical Center (previously in Peachtree City, GA):

We invite you to meet the owner & alleged physician assistant from this practice.

She goes by the name of Kristie Johnson, although many people in other areas of Georgia may know her by one of her aliases: Kristie H Hogeland , Kristie M Hogeland , Kristie Hogland , Kristie Hogeland Ogletree , Kristy Ogletree , Kristie M Ogletree , Kristy Oglest .

Kristie alleges she is a physician assistant who attended Emory University but in actuality, she is a perpetual con artist with an extensive criminal record.

Kristie has not only stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from friends/family/business partners, she has also deceived numerous people about her identity, her background, and her qualifications as a medical service provider. The OMNI Medical Center staff and investing partners had no knowledge of any of this prior to coming on board with the business.

If you are a current or previous patient of OMNI Medical Center (which has recently been relocated to Douglasville, GA) we urge you to reconsider the treatment and services which you have received (or are planning to undergo as a patient).

Although Ms. Johnson claims to have the appropriate credentials to treat you medically, she in fact does NOT have any certification whatsoever to prescribe medications, administer Botox, give B-12 injections, draw blood, perform bio-identical pellet insertions, or even take your vitals.

It's unfortunate to deliver this news to all of you through the internet, but those of us who have discovered this alarming scheme of deception would like you to know all of the facts which we have recently unveiled about Kristie.

Feel free to leave your contact information should you be interested in participating in the ongoing malpractice suit against OMNI Medical Center. We will gladly put you in contact with our legal team, and share with you all the information that has been uncovered regarding Kristie Johnson's criminal history.

Again, if you were or currently are a patient of OMNI Medical Center, you have a valid case against this practice. We want to ensure that all of you are aware of the damage Kristie Johnson has done and continues to do as an alleged medical service provider.

Kristie Johnson has not only destroyed the finances of people close to her, she has also placed each and every one of the OMNI Medical Center patients in danger. This is YOUR health, and YOUR life. Please be vigilant about the all the risks associated with OMNI Medical Center, and be proactive so no one else's money, health, or livelihood is placed in such a critical and dangerous position.

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