Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMNI Medical Center 's Top 5 Reasons You Don't Feel Full

Isn't it weird that sometimes, even 30 minutes after having a meal, you still don't feel full (we know all of you can relate!)?

Well that "am-I really-hungry-again" feeling could be caused by a number of factors...many of which have to do with WHAT you actually ate, instead of HOW MUCH you ate. 

This not-so-satisfied feeling can also be difficult while you're on your medical weight loss with hCG program.

Here are the top 5 reasons we at OMNI Medical Center suspect you fall short of satiation when it comes to eating sometimes:

1. DRINKING TOO MUCH SODA. Sodas, iced teas, and other sweetened beverages are our biggest source of high-fructose corn syrup (gross!)...and new research indicates that fructose can trick our brains into craving more food, even when we’re full. Solution? Stay away from the bubbly stuff, even if it's diet soda. Try brewing your own iced tea and sweetening it with Stevia!

2. EATING CANNED FOODS. Many canned foods are high in the chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, which the FDA recently expressed was a chemical “of some concern.” According to researchers, exposure to BPA can cause imbalances in the body which lead to food cravings and obesity. Solution? Stick to fresh food. Buy your meat from behind the meat counter...your veggies and fruit in the produce section...and if necessary opt for frozen greens and/or berries instead of anything that needs to be cracked open with a can opener!

3. NOT HAVING ENOUGH FOR BREAKFAST. Researchers recently found that subjects who ate just 300 calories for breakfast gained almost twice as much weight as those who ate 500 calories or more for breakfast. The reason: Eating a big breakfast makes for smaller rises in blood sugar and insulin throughout the day, meaning fewer sudden food cravings. Solution? Just like Dr. Oz says, "eat in reverse." In other words, make breakfast your biggest meal of the day!

4. NOT STAYING HYDRATED.  Dehydration can often trick our brains into making us feel like we're hungry when we're not. Solution? If you’ve just eaten and still don't feel full, drink a glass of water before eating more, and see if your desire to keep on noshing doesn't diminish!

5. BOREDOM.  Researchers found that visual distractions can help curb cravings. To test yourself, envision a huge steak sitting on a plate in front of you. If you’re truly hungry, the steak will seem appealing. But if that doesn’t seem tempting, chances are you’re in need of a distraction, and NOT another meal. Solution? Try to picture what it is you think you're craving, before you actually consume the unwanted calories. You may save yourself the trouble, the guilt, and even some money (if what you envision is something that requires being handed to you through a fast food window)!

For more helpful nutrition tips or to read about our medical weight loss program visit our web site: omnimedicalctr.com

Here's to feeling fuller longer (and to looking skinnier too)!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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