Friday, September 9, 2011

It's in the Bag (or lunchbox)! OMNI Medical Center 's Suggestions for Healthy Kids' Lunches

Weight management isn't just something adults should be conscientious of for themselves these days...

We should also be mindful of our children's health and do our part to make sure they are eating nutritious lunches (and not all that junk out there)!

So here are some fun ways OMNI Medical Center suggests parents can prepare lunches for their kids to make them eat healthier!

Prepare some Super Scrumptious Sandwiches:
• Natural peanut, almond, or cashew butter & sliced fruit on a whole grain English muffin
• Sliced turkey, chicken, or lean roast beef & sliced avocado with lettuce and tomato on a whole grain roll
• Salmon & sliced cucumbers with low fat mayonnaise (or olive oil mayo) on whole wheat bread
• Egg salad made with chopped red bell peppers & low fat mayo (or olive oil mayo) spread on whole wheat pita

Add some Spectacular Side Items:
• Pre-packaged, low-fat unsweetened yogurt (we like Chobani Champions Greek yogurt for kids)
• Trail mix of your child’s favorite dried fruit, nuts, and seeds
• Fresh fruit salad
• Baby carrots and a small container of hummus or bean dip
• Cherry tomatoes with sugar snap peas
• Farmer’s cheese, lowfat ricotta cheese, or even almond cheese
• 1 eight-ounce container of almond milk, low fat milk, or water
• Small container of guacamole or salsa

Prepare Perfect-Sized Portions: 
Remember to make kid-friendly portions when packing their lunch. It is important to provide your kids with the right amount of nutrients without going overboard. The following guidelines will help direct you to grade school lunch portion sizes:
• 1 eight-ounce cup of milk or other beverage
• 4 ounces of yogurt 
• 2–3 ounces of meat or cheese
• 1–2 slices bread or half a cup of grain like rice or pasta
• 1 cup of fruit

For more nutritional suggestions (for adults too!) or details about the services OMNI Medical Center has to offer, visit us at:

Here's to healthier brown bag lunches!
--The OMNI Medical Center Team

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